The Brand

The brand is a name, a sign, a picture or a combination of these elements that is used to identify the goods and services of a certain company and differentiate them form competitors'.

Imposing a brand demands:
The operations related to imposing the brand consist in an entire series of promotional activities that aim at associating the brand to various elements, such as:

Brand components

The brand has 3 main components, strong interconnected.
  1. Brand name – consists of words, has the role of an audio stimulus
  2. Brand sign or emblem – is a combination of graphic elements, used as a visual stimulus. It facilitates the brand association in customers' minds. Can also be marked on products as a distinctive sign or for design purposes.
  3. Brand certificate – offers legal protection, granting the exclusive right of usage to the certificate owner. Having such a certificate is very important because imposing the brand requires extensive costs that would vanish in case of other competitors' unauthorized usage of the brand.

Choosing the brand name is a crucial activity, on this element depending the brand success on the market. The brand name has to meet certain requirements:
The brand has a crucial importance for both the consumer and the company, because it generates a series of advantages for both categories.

It is important for the consumer because the brand:
The brand is important for the manufacturer because it:
Brand classification:
Options for adopting a brand:
Brand strategies: