Prospecting Call

A prospecting cold call is a telephone from a salesperson to a possible client without having set an appointment. This marketing technique includes limitations and risks for the caller, most people tending to avoid sales calls.

It is thought that the ability to sell through the telephone is a natural skill, like emotional intelligence, but preparation in advance can make a prospecting call a successful one.

Determine the market you want to target and analyze their features and buying behavior. Formulate a description of the ideal prospect. Not calling people clearly not interested in your products saves you a lot of time and effort.

Using a script is essential. It should be formulated according to your target market and be very conversational. For best results, memorize it, and focus more on your prospect than the message you have to deliver. Make the introduction short, just presenting yourself, and asking for a couple of minutes.

Don't try to sell from the first minute of the call, start with a suggestion and an invitation to talk more about the subject. once their attention captured, start asking open ended questions that lead to your offer. Make the prospect realize if he needs any of your product/services. persistent

Be prepared for questions from the prospect and use only trained people to make prospecting calls. Train them to provide general information about the company, more detailed information about your offer and products/services.

Be prepared for rejection but don't quit. Don't take it personally, the prospects just don't need the product you are trying to sell. Persistence is useful in marketing, and for further calls use door opener letters to announce your call.

Planing your call, help you be more focalized, save more time and close more deals.