The product concept

The product, from a marketing point of view, is a batch of benefits that a company offers to its customers in order to satisfy their needs and requirements( the product is not just the metallic or non-metallic material assembly). The product is approached form the customers' satisfaction point of view, considering that they buy satisfaction, not just material objects.

The product is the offer of a company, addressed to the market in order to captivate their interest so that the customers purchase it, use it or consume it for a specific need or desire.
Therefore, the products can be material goods, services, persons, organizations, places, ideas.
In order for the product to be better understood, it needs to be analyzed on more levels, beginning with its essence to all the other features that can be added to the product so that it generates a maximum satisfaction.

A 3 level product analysis reveals the following aspects:
Considering the various classification criteria, a product typology can be made:
  1. Classification regarding the destination
  1. Classification regarding the durability