Marketing Environment

Business environment comprises the exterior factors that influence the company operations either direct or indirect.
Marketing environment is a component of business environment that influences the company's capacity to promote and perform efficient operations on the market.
The environment can not be influenced by the company as it is comprised of external factors.
An influence on these factors can be exerted, but it depends on the company's power and size on the market. There are big companies that have a major influence on environment factors and small businesses that need to adapt continuously to environment changes.

Considering this, the company's attitude towards the business environment can be:
Despite the company's attitude, the environment always exerts influence on it, externalized in:
The elements of marketing environment can be classified in:
Marketing Micro-environment
Micro-environment factors interact directly with the company and create pressure that produces a certain behavior of the company.
There are opportunities the company can capitalize in its relations with business partners, but also threats to be avoided or prevented.

Marketing micro-environment can also be classified in internal and external micro-environment.
Internal micro-environment consists of strategic orientations and organization structures that capitalize on the human, material and financial resources of the company.

Internal micro-environment factors are:
External micro-environment comprises the external factors that affect directly the company and exert mutual influence.

External micro-environment factors are:
Marketing macro-environment can also be classified in national macro-environment and international macro-environment.
National macro-environment comprises factors that affect the entire society and have also a influence on the company but long term and wide spread.

National macro-environment factors are: Cultural factors, related to values, beliefs, religion, customs.
International macro-environment is a result of economic globalization, externalized in economic integration.
The factors that influence the international macro-environment are: