Interview Success tips

Media interviews are a great way to deliver your message to the world, improve your credibility and promote your activities. As long as reporters are interested in the information you posses, the communication channels they offer you are opportunities to achieve your marketing objectives.

Of course, there are worries concerning the intentions of the reporter or nature of questions, or the possibility of being misquoted or misunderstood. But following several rules and maintaining the control are the secrets to a successful media interview.

Preparation before the interview is crucial.

Information is very precious and you should be given information about the interview :

and the reporter:

The topic to be discussed should be studied first, analyzing the controversial issues raised by the area, new trends or developments. Experts in the field should be involved in this preparation step.

Define your message , what is that you want to say. Clarifying your ideas, choose the 2-3 most important things you want to communicate and answer all the questions "message driven" - this is the key to making yourself heard.

Try to anticipate questions that will be asked and build your answers according to your company's position towards the issue, your audience and make sure that your message is clear. Also speculate uncomfortable questions you might be asked. In order to anticipate them, analyze your activity lately, the news about your company, any failure, mistake or rumor, your competitors' activity. In case you are asked these inconvenient questions, keep your calm and avoid the answers, but not too obvious.

Rehearse the interview with an audience or practice out loud in front of the mirror. To make it more interactive, ask a friend or member of staff to ask possible questions and have realistic reactions. Ask them to have different attitudes from friendly to mean. Try to handle realistic all the question and ask for feedback.

During the interview

Very important is to make the interview personable and to look comfortable by using interviewer's name, and maintaining eye contact.

Another issue is your appearance so make sure you dress appropriate so that you inspire credibility.

Keeping contact with the audience is essential in delivering your message. In order to keep audience's attention, use appropriate language, address the audience, connect with them by formulating your message according to their features and communication needs. To make your message memorable, be bright and energetic, emphatic and keep your answers vivid, using stories and illustrations.

The reporter might try to lead you to the issues he's interested in, but you should remember about your communication objectives and avoid side issues. Keep your answers concise, stick to the point and make them ask a follow up question so that you control the conversation back to your message.

The closing is very important so make sure have a powerful ending, preferably a call to action,to chance, to movement. Repeat your message in the end to make it memorable.

After the interview

Thank the reporter for the opportunity to express your opinion and reach the audience with your message.

After the interview has been broadcast, prepare for reactions or follow up and provide a response to critiques and other useful information.
If the interview is recorded, or written be available for further information or clarifications.
Maintaining the control over yourself and the media is the secret to a successful media interview.