Internet Marketing

As the Internet gained a crucial importance in today's world, companies realized the relevance of a consistent online presence and started operating through Internet, using Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing consists in a rage of actions meant to advertise a company's website and eventually, to achieve marketing goals using today's technological opportunities.

This method can be used to acquire various goals ranging from making a company's vision, mission and message visible to the public to selling products and services.

Internet Marketing is commonly mistaken for Search Engine Optimization , the latter being a component of the former. Web marketing is far more complex that simple presence in the results of search engines, it is a method that comprises strategies employed to market a product or service online using:

  1. Web site design is the first and a very important detail when deciding to advertise online. The design should be well balanced, user-friendly and adequate to the company's activities and nature. This decision includes choosing a domain name, contents and display matching the company. It also comprises brand development, programming code optimization and functionality details.

  2. Affiliate Marketing is a method of promoting one's products and services and attracting more customers using associates who receive a commission, a share of profits or other rewards for adding customers to the main website. Using this approach, the company should choose a target market and affiliates that reach that market, so that when the possible customer visits affiliate's site to be redirected to the main provider's site where the products can be acquired.

  3. Search marketing is a technique commonly used when it comes to Internet marketing. It consists in using techniques in order to get listed on the first result pages of search engines. It often implies organic search engine optimization (SEO). This technique requires a strategic effort that involves keyword and trends analysis, market research and efficient knowledge about searching procedures. All these actions result in effective target market identification and effective methodology.

  4. Viral marketing is another approach used in Internet marketing where a pre-existing platform is capitalized so that it attracts more customers or builds brand awareness to a business. The platforms used are mainly social networks where any news can go viral and attract attention. For example, placing a video on YouTube can generate a viral response.

  5. Display advertising consists in placing banners or text ads on other sites to promote a company, product or brand to a target market.

  6. Copywriting is also an effective tool for Web marketing. Well written articles, with quality content can encourage site visitors to take action.

  7. Paid search engine marketing uses paid advertising methods such as pay per click,pay per sale, pay per action or pay per impression to get their commercial message to a wider market.

  8. Online promotions can attract a great deal of Internet users. Despite drawbacks like impossibility to try on, taste, smell, touch product for sale, e-commerce sites gained popularity improving their customers support and return policies.

  9. Reciprocal linking improves site's ranking so that it appears in the first results of search engines through posting a link to the site on other, preferably related sites.

  10. Email marketing is a method that uses target market e-mail lists to send promotional emails directly to possible customers.

All these methods can be used by both companies who operate only on the Internet and companies who have a physical location and try to reach more customers through advertising on the Web.

Internet marketing increases online exposure, improves conversion rates, and eventually, by achieving company's objectives, increases incomes and profits.