Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is quite similar to corporate social responsibility in the sense that is focuses resources on social matter in need of a resolution. This tactic will often approach delicate subjects in the area of charity, nonprofit organizations or projects of magnitude in a social or moral context thus providing a needed resolution on the subject matter and simultaneously creating a strong correlation with brand awareness.

The situation can be mutually advantageous and if done as it should be it can bring many advantages and has ramifications in many field. The key element of a successfully implementation of a cause related marketing strategy is to center all activity in solving the problem at hand and not on media coverage. An appropriate and comprehensive answer to the problem has the potential to generate more returns and leads and it can promote teamwork and elevate the working environment.

Cause marketing has grown significantly in the last decade placing itself in line for the top rising division in advertising. Innovative public relations efforts often target categories of people that share same values and that can easily identify with the firm. The next step is to research and isolate the social or charitable issues that best relate to customers and prospects and thus open a new channel toward a targeted segment. It is important that whatever action the company takes must be in a guideline of ethics that considers all involved parties.

The key to the success of this marketing strategy consists of choosing a non-profit partner with a strong resemblance in plans or intentions. Otherwise maintaining a level of integrity sufficiently high enough would be quite hard. Integrity is very important because it enables to participants to focus on their nonprofit or charitable objectives and not in making good public relations or a good impression. Too often this is lost somewhere on the road and the hole things turns into a cheap circus and that would be the wrong way to do it, not only would it be a waste of time more importantly an erroneously implemented cause marketing strategy is a waste of money. But if done right and if people can keep their heads from falling off their shoulders then the campaign can be very successful.

In general, to put into action a cause marketing plan the following steps are to be considered:

Usually this kind of initiatives has a good effect on the personnel of the company and recent studies show that consumers will very often chose a product or service from a company that supports a cause they care about